Public sector

Public Sector


We are aware of how difficult it may be for a local authority to select the best workwear and PPE provider to meet the needs and standards for your business. It's critical to work with the correct provider to optimise the process because there are several departments, budgets and safety regulations to adhere to. Working with the Public Sector and Local Authorities for over 30 years, we have the skills and experience to understand the diverse requirements of this sector and can work with you to implement a range of products that are suitable and fit for purpose.

Local Authority workers, in particular outdoor street cleaning and neighbourhood departments, face many health and safety risks during their working day. Refuse collectors can come into contact with a variety of waste materials, some of which may be hazardous or toxic. Chemicals, broken glass, needles and biohazardous materials pose a potential threat to worker’s health therefore it is imperative the correct PPE is utilised. At CSS, we stock a vast range of workwear and PPE that is perfectly suited to the Public Sector and Local Authorities. The selection includes a range of head to toe protection including hard hats, glasses and goggles, respiratory masks, ear defenders and ear plugs, safety gloves and safety footwear.

Public Sector

Local government teams are always visible to the public. This means that it is crucial that they are both smart and identifiable, and that their attire be suitable for the work at hand. To guarantee the highest standards of safety, this entails wearing the appropriate PPE, safety equipment and workwear to offer the highest levels of protection. We are aware of the wide range of responsibilities that local governments face, such as roadway repairs, building and property maintenance, garbage collection and recycling, grounds maintenance and cleaning and janitorial services. To meet their needs, we provide a complete selection that is fit for purpose.

Partnering with an experienced fully managed service provider that can work with you to implement the correct range of products is essential. Please feel free to contact us below to organise an initial consultation meeting.


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