Contract Support Services was started in 1994 by William Gleeson, initially as a Recruitment company to help candidates and businesses in the construction industry meet their goals.

William instilled the five core values he believed recruitment should be built on into CSS, and it wasn’t long before other industries soon came to us for our professional help.

These additional enquiries allowed the company to evolve into what it is today; a multi-faceted organisation with separate divisions that provide a vast array of industries with all of their Recruitment, Training and Corporate Clothing & PPE requirements.


The company has continued to grow in popularity, and we opened offices in Norfolk, Suffolk, Kent and London to cope with the growing demand for our expert services. We currently have over 60 full time employees across all 3 divisions and in 2019, we celebrated 25 years in business, which we couldn’t have done without the continued support from our clients and candidates.

Despite the expansion of the company, we’ve kept hold of the family-driven mentality CSS was founded on back in 1994.

CSS, at heart, is a family-run business. Our Chairman alongside his wife Collette, and children Stephen, Linda, Rebecca and Colin all hold senior roles in the company to ensure you are provided with the best support possible.



Every client and candidate benefits from honest and ethical treatment. We will never put someone forward for a role if we believe they’re the wrong fit. Likewise, we won’t recommend a company to an individual if we feel their skills could be put to better use elsewhere.

Expert knowledge

The people who head up our departments are experts in their chosen industries. We know this for a fact because they worked in those sectors before joining us to help make a change in commercial recruitment. With their expert knowledge, your recruitment needs are well and truly covered.

Attention to detail

Recruitment is only a difficult job if you do things wrong. We make sure that doesn’t happen. From carrying out all the important background checks to putting together necessary documents, we do the small things well so the big things can take care of themselves.

Value people

CSS is a people-first company. From those just starting out on their career path to businesses that have become household names, everyone we interact with is made to feel valued. We appreciate the qualities you bring to the table, and we’ll find the best way to bring out the best in you.


People are the lifeblood of our business and the recruitment industry as a whole. When you walk through our doors, we guarantee that you’ll become the focus of our attention. Everyone we see is made to feel like they matter because they really do matter. We will do whatever we can to ensure the working environment is right for all involved.


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