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Hospitals, care homes and ambulance services are among the healthcare organisations for which CSS provides a wide range of workwear & PPE solutions. Since working in the healthcare industry involves lengthy shifts and standing for extended periods of time, we provide our clients with lightweight workwear that is flexible, comfortable and most importantly, composed of lightweight materials. Making sure healthcare uniforms are appropriate for these settings is crucial because care homes and hospitals are frequently warm places to work.

CSS are renowned for providing fit for purpose and durable products, our dedication to providing exceptional customer service and our ability to provide customised solutions for all of your workwear requirements. We notice challenges before they become issues and your future requirements are always at the front of our minds.


Under health and safety legislation, employers have a legal duty to ensure suitable and sufficient risk assessments are carried out and adequate control measures are put in place to reduce the risk of harm to staff and patients, so far as is reasonably practicable. This includes identifying when PPE is required, and the type of PPE which should be used. PPE is designed to protect you from harmful substances such as chemicals or infectious agents. In some situations such as during the pandemic, it can also help prevent the transmission of infection between staff and patients. The type of PPE you need will depend on the risk assessment, which should include the environment you work in and the procedures you carry out. Respiratory protective equipment (RPE) such as FFP3 masks are a form of PPE and, where a risk assessment or national guidance indicates that they should be used, they must be fit tested by a person competent to do so.

CSS can assist all organisations within the healthcare industry, please feel free to contact us below to organise an initial consultation meeting.


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